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NLC Protest: Urgent Call for Action Amidst Hunger Crisis and Minimum Wage Concerns

Boom RadioNG | February 27, 2024

The recent two-day protest organized by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has brought to light the deepening hunger crisis in the country, shedding light on the urgent need for swift action on both the minimum wage and broader economic challenges. Despite efforts to engage with the Federal Government to avert the protest, the dialogue failed to yield tangible outcomes.

NLC Nigeria labour congress protest

In a press statement released on Tuesday, NLC President Joe Ajaero clarified that while the demand for a minimum wage review is important, the primary focus of the protest is the widespread hunger experienced by Nigerians, both employed and unemployed. Ajaero underscored the urgency of addressing this crisis and questioned the timeline for finalizing and implementing the minimum wage adjustment to alleviate the dire situation.

NLC Protest Port Harcourt 2024

Highlighting the United Nations’ recommendation of $2 per day for the poorest individuals to meet basic sustenance needs, Ajaero emphasized the inadequacy of current income levels. With a family of six requiring approximately $360 per month, or about N700,000, to cover basic necessities, the existing wage falls woefully short, leaving many struggling to afford essentials like food, transportation, housing, and healthcare.

NLC Protest Abuja Sowoore and Adeyanju 2024

Ajaero expressed disappointment in the government’s response to the union’s demands, particularly since the removal of fuel subsidy, which has significantly exacerbated the cost of living. He called for immediate action to address transportation challenges, which contribute substantially to the overall cost of goods and services.

Critiquing the government’s handling of proposed solutions, including the introduction of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses and cash transfers, Ajaero raised concerns about the alleged diversion of funds earmarked for social welfare programs.

NLC Protest Lagos 2024

In light of the ongoing challenges faced by workers and the general population, the NLC is actively evaluating the situation and considering further steps to advocate for meaningful change and alleviate the hardships endured by Nigerians.



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