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Macron says Putin pledges no new Ukraine escalation

BoomRadioNG | February 10, 2022

French President Emmanuel Macron has told reporters that President Vladimir Putin assured him that Russian forces would not ramp up the crisis near Ukraine’s borders. “I secured an assurance there would be no deterioration or escalation,” he said before meeting Ukraine’s leader. President Macron this week is on a diplomatic […]


Avalanche in Austria Leaves 4 dead, 1 Missing

BoomRadioNG | February 4, 2022

Local authorities have reported the occurrence of an avalanche in the state of Tyrol, Austria that as led to the death of 4 people today. According to reports, the avalanche occurred near the Austrian-Swiss border in the Spiss municipality with one person still missing as Information about the identities and […]


Four Senior Aides to UK PM Boris Johnson Resign

BoomRadioNG | February 4, 2022

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been rocked by a string of resignations from his team of aides in Downing Street. Policy adviser Elena Narozanski is the latest to leave her role, after four senior staff members quit on Thursday. Johnson’s policy head, Munira Mirza, was the first to […]


Russia condemns US troop increase in Europe

BoomRadioNG | February 3, 2022

Russia has condemned a US decision to send extra troops to Europe to support its allies amid continuing fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Moscow said it was a “destructive” step which heightened tension and reduced the scope for a political solution. The Pentagon said 2,000 US troops would […]


Putin says US trying to draw Russia into War

BoomRadioNG | February 2, 2022

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has accused the US of trying to draw his country into a war in Ukraine. He said America’s goal was to use a confrontation as a pretext to impose more sanctions on Russia. Putin also said the US was ignoring Russia’s concerns about the European expansion […]


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