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Every Job Is Priceless! – Oladolupo Balogun

BoomRadioNG | January 13, 2020
It’s funny how doctors do very important work by saving our lives or engineers help build houses, roads, bridges or lawyers/judges help us get justice but have we ever considered how important the work of the cleaner on your street is?.
That cleaner that has to be up at 3:30/4:00am to get to work at around 5am to sweep the roads before you walk/drive on it in the morning or your gateman/security man that has to open the gate for you at 2am when you get back from that party no matter how he feels or how tired or sleepy he feels every time and let’s be honest, it’s the reason people you live together with all have keys so you don’t have to disturb anyone to help anyone open the door.

Oladolupo Balogun

We know the immense energy that goes into opening the door for someone when you’re in the middle of a billionaire party on top of the Burj khalifa kinda dream….lol but your gateman has no choice, it’s what he gets paid to do or that nurse that has to dress the wound you just got or has to help with the bed pan as the doctor just examines that patient and moves on.
 I guess what I’m trying to say is that immense work really goes into everybody’s work. For example, I used to think the work of a DJ is just about playing songs they feel and that all their equipment is almost useless not until I asked one of my friends (a very good DJ by the way) a while ago how this whole thing works. Did you know what you listen to most times is different from what your DJ is listening to at the club? He’s supposed to be searching for the next song to play for your listening pleasure and how difficult it is to mix and transition smoothly from one song to another, I stopped listening when I started getting confused.
Another example, I know doctors are life savers and all that long gist and we’re truly grateful for the work they do but ever taken a moment to notice the dirty work nurses have to do, sometimes? Some of you have very smelly armpits and they have to deal with that smell to check your temperature or when you’re really ill and can’t get up, imagine no nurse was there and you have no bed pan so you’ve got to do all your business on yourself or clean up wounds by yourself? Think of the people that stay up all night to make sure patients are comfortable and sleeping good?.

Dolupo Balogun

At this point, you should get the gist that no matter what anyone is doing, I feel it’s important as everybody’s job is what makes everyone’s life easier. Your garbage is empty, yeah, I know you pay for it but some people are coming to empty it. Your office is clean because someone came in earlier to clean it. You’re driving a car because someone decided to do their job and make a good car that you can buy. You’re also working to make someone else’s life easier. So the world is really indeed a small place and just appreciate everyone for the jobs they do as every job is important.
Oladolu Balogun

Written by BoomRadioNG


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  1. Olufemi Oderinde

    January 14, 2020 at 10:09 pm

    These are little things that go unnoticed in a would where many are distracted by self. The little things in life have got the biggest impacts.

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