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#mywordfortoday is #control – Omotoyosi Bibire Salihu @tysalihu

BoomRadioNG | January 26, 2019

Do we have control over every single narrative, can we control everything in our lives?

Do you know we make ourselves anxious, by trying to control matters that are beyond our control?

Many, Many times…….

Let me let you know that the aspiration to control everything is a form of inferiority complex.

You have no control over growing old, but you can control how you grow old.

We have no control over who we envy, who we admire, or who we are jealous of. But we have control over what to do with that envy, admiration or jealousy.

Okay so, as a gorgeous woman, you have marital issues. it seems you are unable to get married. It could even be that you are unable to stay married. Of course, it is only Human to be sad and frustrated.

But you know you may have no control over that….control what you can.

You cannot find Mr. Right, look for “a Mr. Right now”… Don’t stay sad over something outside your control.

Some women despite all their efforts, cannot conceive, they have tried everything….. They have prayed, they have fasted, they have done IVF….

Look, It is something they have no power over, but they can control that by adopting a child. Control what you can….

As a side note, We world people (aiye akamara) need to stop shaming people over things they have no control over.
(this is a topic for another day)


Omotoyosi Bibire Salihu @tysalihu

Before you laugh at someone who got pregnant out of wedlock, make sure you are fertile.

The other day, a Tsunami struck Indonesia and this triggered a earthquake.

Could they have controlled the Tsunami, i doubt that, they had no control over that. No-one does…..

Unlike our case in Nigeria where we have absolute control over our tsunamic leaders. But we will not exercise our control because ……..vested interests.

The control we have as a people in myriad circumstances is to throw kindness around like confetti. Look for the needy, feed them, clothe them….listen to them, empathize with them.

There are many things we have control over, let us just control those biko. Fat runs in my family, but i can control mine, my cousins are health nuts and errmmm i have started mine (so Help me God).

I chose during my service year to go to Kaduna and i found a way to do that( yes, i had to use the backdoor, no vex). My point is don’t stay lamenting over stuff you have power to change….do something about it.

Control it baje, like crazy!!!

Fam, our control may not even lie in changing a narrative, but in our perspective of that narrative.

You cannot choose your family members, but you can choose not to allow anyone walk in your mind with dirty feet.

Omotoyosi Bibire Salihu @tysalihu

You can control your circle, who to let in, who to avoid, and who to throw out the window…… Control what you can control and stop obsessing over that which you cannot.

Like Maya Angelou said

“You may not have control over all events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them”

Life is going to happen whether you overthink it, overstress it, oversad it or accept it. Control what you can, and trust in God for the ones you cannot.

The Bible says to trust in God. I add……. with all your mind and understanding. Yield control to him, over things you cannot control. He will kuku not do for you that which you can do by yourself.

Control that which you can control.

Have a great weekend ahead Fam. Yes its controllable.

Bibire ose Fowora
The Lifestyle Motivator

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